AfricArb is an association of legal professionals who share a common interest in arbitration and Africa.

Africa is a continent of great diversity and resources, which continues to attract both businesses and investors. Whilst the use of arbitration is becoming well established in many parts of Africa, we believe that it can continue to develop, thus accompanying Africa’s economic dynamism by enhancing legal certainty, which in turn will encourage trade and investment.

Our ambition is to participate in the further development of arbitration as an effective and accessible means of dispute resolution on the African continent.

The promotion of arbitration in Africa rests, in our view, on three main pillars: (i) the constant modernization of arbitration law and practice; (ii) respect of the diversity of legal cultures throughout the continent; (iii) the involvement of all actors, whether they practice on the continent or outside, notably through training and events that will enhance the development of knowledge and skills, as well as the sharing of ideas and information.

We invite all interested professionals to join us and participate in our project!